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We will provide a Scottish registered office address and forward your mail at no additional charge. No set up fee. No deposit. Just pay your first annual fee of £39.99 excl. VAT and you are ready to go!

If you are ready to purchase, please click Buy now. If you would like any further information you can contact us on 0141 354 1500 or click to fill out our Enquiry form.

Package Features

Registered office address

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272 Bath Street
G2 4JR

Mail handling

On receipt of your registered office mail from HMRC and Companies House, we will immediately forward it by Royal Mail post to your chosen destination. The cost of forwarding your mail is included within the annual package fee. However, if you wish to have your mail forwarded to a non-UK address, an additional annual charge of £15.00 plus VAT will be incurred.

Mail collection

We also provide the option of mail collection by the client. We will inform you by email of the receipt of registered office mail and hold it for collection at your Glasgow registered office address.

Limitation of service

Please note: This service provides a registered office address for official use and only forwards official government mail (Companies House, HMRC, etc). It cannot be used for business correspondence or trade mail. If you require a business or trading address with general business mail handling, we offer a business address service at a monthly cost of £14.99 plus VAT. Business address customers are also free to use their business address for registered office purposes.


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"I am extremely satisfied with the professional and responsive service. I have complete confidence in Blue Square receptionists representing Campbell McWilliams to our customers. This is the highest accolade I can give, as we take customer service very seriously and would not risk offering even a mediocre standard of service to them at any point."

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